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Top 10 Cloud Consulting/Service Companies for Education Industry - 2019

In a modern and digitalized era, there is a new generation of minds and a new playing field for the faculty in educational institutions. The organizations in the education industry must meet the recent technological expectations, lest they are left in the dust of their competition. Cloud technology services are the key to providing that opportunity for improving innovation and collaborations within classrooms. The adoption of cloud computing in an otherwise traditional industry has created significant positive shifts in student engagement and teaching efficiency.

Cloud computing offers software, infrastructure, and platforms as services to create a scalable, elastic, and affordable learning environment. The affordability of these services as compared to legacy systems is centered on the reduced expenditure on hardware, software, and IT staff. The services being offered on the cloud also provide educators with the flexibility of choosing and adapting their resources to match their economic efficiency. Moreover, cloud service providers maintain and manage the IT resources—alleviating the burden from their clients.

This edition of Education Technology Insights brings you the “Top 10 Cloud Consulting/Service Companies for Education Industry - 2019”. This list gives you some of the most prominent organizations in the industry that have excelled in their services portfolio. This list is aimed at bridging the gap between businesses and consulting services that are transforming education processes through their insight and technological prowess.

    Top Cloud Consulting/Service Companies for Education Industry

  • Moodle is an open-source flexible and collaborative learning platform that empowers educators and teachers to create a learning environment tailored to the needs of their end-users. Moodle has been able to empower educators across different sectors: K-12, Higher-Education and the Corporate sector. Moodle offers solutions specific to K-12 schools for example by allowing them to create social learning environments designed specifically to the classrooms. Higher Education institutions get the flexibility they need to manage the complexities of their learning environments. With its wide adoption among corporate entities, Moodle has also recently developed Moodle Workplace, a product proposition that responds to the particular needs of the corporate sector

  • Airnet Group

    Airnet Group

    Airnet has helped companies to improve the IT efficiency, reliability, security, and maintenance of their IT systems while lowering the overall costs and redirecting resources to focus on what moves businesses forward. The company embraces cloud technology early on and quickly attained Gold Cloud Platform and Nationally Managed Partner status with Microsoft. Moreover, their dedication to the cloud is a focal point of our business, and they strive to identify the most effective use of the Microsoft Azure platform through the cloud or hybrid deployments. They combine their cloud expertise and history in managing data centres with cloud-based IT professional and managed services, so they experience a skilled partner dedicated to the IT infrastructure

  • Bluestone Consulting Group

    Bluestone Consulting Group

    Bluestone Consulting Group is a technology management consulting company driving the confluence of marketing, sales, service, and finance in the cloud. The company specializes in providing innovative solutions, enhancing project execution, improving marketing results and formulating business and technical strategies that address each client’s specific challenges. Their collaborative approach is designed to engage clients and partners in a team effort focused on getting the job done. They employ a leadership approach that promotes client involvement throughout the engagement process. Bluestone’s goal is to provide solutions quickly, enabling to assess the results and plan the next steps for the business

  • Clearpath Solutions Group

    Clearpath Solutions Group

    Clearpath Solutions Group is a technology integrator and reseller specializing in data management, networking, communications, security, and hybrid cloud solutions. The company assists store, protect and manage their organization’s most valuable asset, information while increasing efficiency and decreasing the cost of doing business. Created by a group of storage industry veterans, Clearpath Solutions Group’s mission is to implement highly specialized technology solutions to tackle any IT challenge that their client’s business may face now and in the future. The company specializes in data storage, server virtualization, desktop virtualization, Amazon Web Services, IT Infrastructure, disaster recovery, IT Security, and many more

  • Cloud Consulting Service

    Cloud Consulting Service

    Cloud Consulting Service LLC offers expertise in consultation, well-developed training manuals complete with assistance guides, educational seminars and a team of expert advisors ready to assist clients most important challenging situations and aid through their strategic decision making. The company has certified SAP CRM and C4C instructors and consultants working directly with SAP experts on new cloud solutions, data provisioning technique. They give solutions for implementing end-to-end Cloud solutions. For customers new to SAP software or customers planning to upgrade, it offers assistance in the selection of the proper software combination required to meet your target business goals and solutions

  • DoubleHorn


    DoubleHorn is an independent Cloud Services Brokerage Company delivering public cloud infrastructure solutions. With the development of innovative cloud brokerage and management platform, the company allows clients to manage critical control points across their cloud accounts. DoubleHorn has contracts to provide cloud services brokerage, cloud assessment, Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for the State of Texas and the Office of Management and Enterprise Services for the State of Oklahoma. Besides, these contracts are federally recognized and comply with requirements like HIPAA, CJIS, FedRAMP, FIPS, ITAR, FERPA

  • Grey Signal

    Grey Signal

    GreySignal, Inc. offers professional web development application, modules, and portals for any size business or organization in any field or industry. The company urges potential and current customers to adopt new possibilities, opportunities and business ventures, as our applications are extremely scalable. Moreover, they have grown into a fully-fledged software engineering team with the ability to understanding customer problems and redefining workflows to give their customers the edge they need to stay ahead. Building custom applications for growing businesses is their function and showing others what is possible with software is their passion

  • Infiniti


    Infiniti, an InterVision Company, provides clients with the most progressive and innovative minds combined with a commitment to respectful and friendly collaboration. The company offers cloud services, IT solutions and comprehensive technical services to commercial and public sector clients globally for over 25 years. They help clients leverage technology and their data to improve their organizations’ efficiency and effectiveness. By combining the latest technologies and deep expertise, Infiniti helps clients achieve their goals and solve their challenges. Whether the goal is to leverage the public cloud, integrate and consolidate systems, or drive greater efficiencies from existing technology investments, Infiniti can help

  • IT for Education

    IT for Education

    IT for Education exists to serve its clients and the South Florida community. The company offers a full range of IT services and expertise, customized for any K-12 educational setting. They work with their client to put together the support plan that works best for their school and even facilitate financing or leasing assistance if necessary. The organization also serves as a backup for the client’s in-house IT team or to fill a specific technology gap. Clients will work with carefully selected technicians who will boost the capabilities of their IT department without the high costs

  • K-12 Technology Group

    K-12 Technology Group

    K-12 Technology Group is a well-known company offering IT services and IT support to schools, districts, universities, and libraries, allowing them to optimize and simplify their IT networks. Ultimately, it enhances the client’s ability to streamline the education experience for teachers and students alike. The company offers comprehensive, cost-effective, education-focused technology services that aim to simplify IT. They provide support which is proactive and 24/7 monitoring of the servers and systems. The company delivers modern, straightforward, VoIP phone solutions. They give WiFi support which regarded as the fast, advanced and effective wireless networks