Orbundsis:  A New Face in Student Systems

Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies for Education Industry 2019

The age of restricting students from using mobile phones is now a thing of the past as teachers and leading institutions in the learning field have started adopting a slew of modern age technologies to drive desirable educational outcomes. Among the many innovations that have improved a teacher’s efficacy in the classroom, cloud-based applications are proving to be the most effective methods of delivering education to students conveniently and cost-effectively. As of 2019, 96 percent of leading research institutions across the world is making use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate cloud-related learning, while more schools continue to migrate workloads to the cloud. Apart from enabling students to learn full-blown courses through web-based applications, cloud technologies empower an institution’s administrators to safeguard a student’s data with a strong security posture and well-planned network infrastructure.

However, implementing the best cloud solutions into an educational institutions workflow is not an easy task. To that end, there are many organizations pushing the boundaries and capabilities of cloud-based technologies in the education realm. Education Technology Insights has compiled a list of the top 10 cloud solution providers that are changing the education industry.

Through our cover story, featuring OrbundSIS, we bring to you a web-based Student Information System (SIS) with integrated CRM and Learning Management for higher education, including training institutes, career schools, and traditional colleges and universities. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Kansas City, MO, OrbundSIS provides automated online student services, academics, financial aid, and other mission-critical processes that enhance the teaching-learning process. We are also glad to feature ClearGov, which offers a full suite of turnkey solutions to help educational institutions drive transparency, streamline budgeting, and better engage their students. Another featured firm is Jenzabar, a higher education’s trusted advisor, offering technology solutions and services that are tailored to fit the evolving needs of institutions

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up their sleeves, these companies are constantly proving their mettle in the field of cloud computing. We hope this edition of Education Technology Insights helps you build partnerships that you and your firm require in order to foster new cloud-based infrastructures that motivate education institutions to better drive innovation.

We present to you Education Technology Insights’ “Top 10 Cloud Solution Providers for Education Industry – 2019.”

    Top Companies

  • Provides trusted private cloud managed services to businesses and government agencies that need the highest reliability and security for their high-consequence virtual training and web conferencing


  • Orbund is a web-based Student Information System (SIS) with integrated CRM and Learning Management for higher education, including training institutes, career schools, and traditional colleges and universities. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Kansas City, MO, the company provides automation of online student services, academics, Financial Aid and other mission-critical processes


  • A2Zapps


    A Mobile-first Enterprise App Cloud A2Zapps.com is revolutionizing the way businesses use computing for work and collaborating with their employees, partners, and customers. The firm offers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Cloud Computing, Enterprise Cloud, Education Cloud, CRM Cloud, Services Cloud, Enterprise Social Network, Retail Cloud, Cloud POS, Enterprise 3.0, Web 3.0, Instant App Builder, app platform-as-a-service, Instant Database Creator, Database-as-a-Service, Community Builder, Social-network-as-a-Service, and Mobile App Builder. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, the primary aim of A2Zapps is to make sophisticated computing available and affordable to business users and devices across the globe

  • AlmusNet


    ALmusNet Campus on Cloud (CoC) is a student information system built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Campus on Cloud delivers rich functionality in a highly secure solution with a stunning user interface with the configurability and flexibility required to address your needs. The AlmusNet team has 10+ years of experience delivering Higher Education solutions across ten different countries, and we have leveraged our in-depth domain knowledge to provide a modern, cloud-native Student Information System. Campus on Cloud covers the complete student lifecycle: from admissions through graduation. It has been selected by more than 25 universities and colleges across the world

  • ClearGov


    Established in 2015, ClearGov is building a community of transparent, data-driven, modern governments. ClearGov drives this mission by offering a suite of SaaS solutions for town, cities, schools, and other municipal entities that include transparency, benchmarking budgeting, and forecasting solutions. ClearGov provides visual budgets, data analytics, big data, government budget software, transparency, citizen engagement. ClearGov already works with hundreds of local governments from large cities to small school districts to help them communicate, connect, and engage with their constituents to build community support for mission-critical projects. The ClearGov platform also enables civic officials to make informed, fact-based decisions about budgets, hiring, economic development, and more

  • Eagle Eye Networks

    Eagle Eye Networks

    An online provider of cloud video surveillance incorporates both Cloud and on-premise recording, which delivers the fastest-growing, on-demand Cloud-based security and operations video management system (VMS) providing both Cloud and on-premise recording. Eagle Eye also provides a cloud video API for integrations and application development. The Eagle Eye Platform offers secure, encrypted recording, camera management, mobile viewing, and alerts – all 100% cloud-managed. The API platform uses the Eagle Eye Big Data Video Framework, with time-based data structures used for indexing, search, retrieval, and analysis of the live and archived video. In addition to our headquarters in Austin, Texas, we now have two international offices located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Tokyo, Japan

  • ExaGrid


    ExaGrid provides intelligent hyperconverged storage for backup. ExaGrid’s unique landing zone and scale-out architecture provide the fastest backup — resulting in the shortest fixed backup window, the fastest local restores, and instant VM recoveries while permanently fixing the backup window length, all with the reduced cost upfront and over time. ExaGrid offers deduplication, disk backup, disaster recovery, VTL, data protection, replication, backup storage, tape library replacement, data deduplication, and hyper-converged secondary storage. ExaGrid provides the best level of data deduplication and has implemented data deduplication in a way that provides 6X the backup performance and up to 20X the restore and VM boot performances of other approaches

  • Itopia


    itopia was founded in 2013, with the knowledge that the public cloud would revolutionize daily lives and how one does business. The enterprise’s Cloud Automation Stack (CAS) technology is the industry’s leading enterprise IT infrastructure management solution purpose-built for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments. CAS gives enterprise IT departments and service providers the ability to automate all things IT on GCP, including virtual desktops and applications, graphic workstations, hybrid Active Directory (AD) environments, AD-based disaster recovery and Windows and Linux virtual machines—all through a single pane of the glass management portal

  • Jenzabar


    Jenzabar is higher education’s trusted advisor, offering technology solutions and services that are tailored to fit the evolving needs of institutions both today and in the future. Collaborating with over 1,300 clients worldwide, the enterprise provides scalable software and services, designed to drive performance across campus and throughout the full student lifecycle. The enterprise has built a partnership with their client that is unique in the industry. Jenzabar’s associates have spent their careers working in higher education, providing them with unmatched insight into the long-term needs of our clients

  • SirsiDynix


    SirsiDynix is the world’s leading provider of library technology solutions, connecting over 300 million people with information and resources at more than 23,000 academic, public, school, government and corporate library facilities in 70 countries. With the BLUEcloud Library Services Platform, SirsiDynix offers a full host of solutions developed to be open for customization, interoperability and scalability. The enterprise’s goal is to support libraries as they change and evolve in an increasingly digital world. Some of the business’s key offering include library technology, library automation, information services, and search and discovery